Partner With Us!

All sponsorship levels will include:

Company Logo on Banner at Event
Company Name on Website
Link from TIUFJ website to sponsor’s website
Sponsorship Printed in Advertisements for Event
Sponsorship Printed in Program for Event


$ 10000

Title Sponsor
  • Only 1 available
  • Event naming on website, ads, signage
  • Recognition in advertisement & signage
  • Logo on 2 tournament gifts
  • 3 Complimentary Foursomes w/ All-inclusive Drink Pass


$ 7000

Gold Sponsor
  • 2 available
  • Recognition in advertisement & signage
  • Logo on 1 tournament gift
  • 2 Complimentary Foursomes w/ All-Inclusive Drink Pass


$ 5000

Silver Sponsor
  • 3 available
  • Recognition in advertisement & signage
  • Logo on 1 tournament gift & mini gift
  • 2 Complimentary Foursomes

VIPMost Popular

$ 3000

VIP Sponsor
  • Recognition on signage
  • Provides beverage tickets for the tournament
  • Logo on koozie
  • 1 Complimentary Foursome


$ 2000

Gear Sponsor
  • 3 available
  • Recognition on signage
  • Logo on tournament selected golf item
  • 1 Complimentary Foursome



$ 1500

Green Sponsor
  • 5 available
  • Recognition on signage
  • Sponsorship of contest
  • 1 Complimentary Foursome


$ 1000

Birdie Sponsor
  • 1 available
  • Recognition on signage
  • Provides awards for our winners
  • Complimentary twosome


$ 250

Hole Sponsor
  • 14 available
  • Recognition on signage & screen at event

Do I get to Golf Free with my Sponsorship?

Each level has different perks. Most sponsorships include a complimentary foursome. Sponsorships at levels below $1000 do NOT include golfers but discounts are available.  Every dollar we charge & receive is impacting our long term ability to provide scholarships. Your help in making our tournament better is greatly appreciated.

Can I Sponsor more than one level?

We welcome sponsorships at all levels and do not have any restrictions on multiple sponsorships. Join us – we value the partnership!

Are these the only Sponsorships Available?

We have listed sponsorships in order of priority. If you would like to offer something not listed please contact us. We are interested in working with you to meet your needs and provide opportunities to both your company and our organization. Partnership will only make our event more productive in the long run!

What is the deadline for Sponsoring?

Many of our sponsorships require imprinting of logos. This is different for each item. We request most sponsorships to be filled 15 days before the tournament date.  Please check with us if you have questions regarding timing. Sponsorships are not confirmed until payment is received.